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"Wholly forgetting, in the interest he had in what was going on, that his voice made no sound in their ears."

This description is so funny. As if it's not an issue of them not hearing him because he's with the Spirit, rather he's speaking at a frequency inaudible to people, like a dog whistle.

"For the sharpest needle, best Whitechapel, warranted not to cut in the eye, was not sharper than Scrooge; blunt as he took it in his head to be."

So many words just to say that Scrooge is smart. This is why I love Dickens' writing; it's incredibly verbose without being annoying.

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The little subplot of the guy and the 'plump sister' is sweet, though I'm unclear on what she thought of it - the part where they're "confidential behind the curtains," I can't tell if they were having a fight or making out 😂

But I also love how even at the end, Scrooge is laughing at the mockery of himself! It's a good lesson in not taking yourself so seriously, that you can look at that kind of game and be like "you know what, they're right!"

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